Part Number Price
Timing case with pressure feed
Alloy casing with separate seal carrier to ensure perfect seal alignment




Spare seal for timing case with pressure feed

Spare timing case seal for pressure fed Austin Seven 7 engines PSS1



Oil pressure relief valve
adjustable oil pressure relief valve made from HE15 alloy billet

Oil Pressure relief valve for pressure fed Austin Seven 7 engines PSPR1



Remote filter head
Billet he15 alloy filter head and oil filter oc21 5/16 fittings

Oil pressure relief valve for pressure fed Austin Seven 7 engines PSFH1



Oil hose
black oil hose 5/16 bore supplied per meter

Oil hose for pressure fed austin seven 7 engines OH1M



Pressure feeding kit
Includes timing case, oil pressure relief valve, filter head, hose and fittings 

Pressure feeding kit for Austin Seven 7 engines PFKIT



High pressure oil pump
Oil pump conversion to allow pressure feeding of crank, new shaft and pump

Hi pressure oil pump for pressure fed Austin Seven 7 engines HPOP



    Part Number Price
Standard 25.4mm
Standard size
1.0" inlet valve in N214.
Made to fit Pigsty collets and retainers.

Standard Austin Seven 7 Valves PSV1



Sports 28mm inlet valve
Sports 1.1" inlet valve in N214
Made to fit Pigsty collets and retainers.
Austin Seven 7 Sports inlet valve PSV4



Race inlet valves 30.94mm
N214 stainless steel race valves with wasted stem to improve flow
Made to fit Pigsty collet and retainer set
Austin Seven 7 race inlet valves PSV2



Race exhaust valves 25.4mm
chrome stem race valve suitable for unleaded fuel
Made to fit Pigsty collet and retainer set
Austin Seven 7 race exhaust valves PSV3



Race valve spring retainer and collet set
new collets and retainers to fit all our valves.
stronger and more accurate.




Race valve spring
valve springs high quality for use with all our high lift cams. Also perfect for Ulster, Brooklands and nippy cams

Austin Seven 7 rave valve springs PSVS1



Austin Seven 7 valve guide - cast iron NLA NLA
    Part Number Price
Road Cam (exchange)
High lift modest duration 1000-6000 RPM.
This is a good allrounder with nice spread of torque.
Can be used with standard radius or race followers please phone for advice. 

Austin Seven 7 Road Cam PSC1 £100.00 +VAT
Trials cam (exchange)
High lift with low duration 600-5500. 
This cam has special re-entrant flanks to achieve hi valve accelaration.
Use with re-ground standard radius cam folowers ONLY. 

Austin Seven 7 Trials Cam PSC2 £100.00 +VAT
Race cam (exchange)
Very high lift and duration ultimate race cam 3500-7500RPM.
51.5BHP @ 6600RPM tested in pigsty full race engine
1 1/2" SU and our steel inlet manifold. Tested on our Froude EC26 engine dyno

Austin Seven 7 Race Cam PSC3 £100.00 +VAT

Race Supercharged Cam (exchange)
This cam has been developed on our Dyno to get the best out of supercharged Austin Seven race engines. We have found that it is worth a lot of power over other cams

Austin Seven 7 Billet Race Cam PSC4 £120.00 +VAT
Cam followers: standard, reconditioned (exchange)
cam followers reground to standard radius.

Austin Seven 7 cam followers PSCF1 £30.00 +VAT
Cam followers race (exchange)
Cam follower set reground to special radius (use with pigsty cams)
Austin Seven 7 cam followers - race PSCF2 £40.00 +VAT
    Part Number Price
Race Over Size Oil Pump (exchange)
Over size oil pump with increased offset to provide extra flow

Over Size oil pump for jet fed Austin Seven 7 engines OPOS £30.00
Race oil jets
over size brass oil jets higher flow capacity
Over size race oil jets for jet fed Austin Seven engines OJO £10.00
    Part Number Price[
Cast alloy sump
Alloy sump beneficial to race engines due to increased rigidity of crank case

Austin Seven 7 cast alloy sump ALR3 £70.00
Cast alloy head
cast alloy head ideal for supercharging Ricardo type 

Cast alloy ausint seven 7 cylinder head nippy type ALR4 £220.00
Long studs conversion
extra studs to hold block and head down supplied with fabricated fittings

11S £150.00
H section con rods
Saenz, Forged 4340, machined all over, heat treated and stress relieved. Supplied with ARP L19 bolts

RPH £800
Dry decking
Dry decking of block and head 

Ausint Seven engine dry decking PSDB £220.00
Ultra lite clutch assembly
Billet alloy clutch cover

Ultra lite Austin 7 Seven clutch assembly   £250.00
4 extra head studs for blown eng
This modification helps to prevent blown head gaskets

4 extra studs on Ausint Seven 7 engine   £200.00
Cylinder head alloy high compression
High compression machined chambers use with forged high compression pistons

High compression alloy Austin Seven 7 cylinder head   £380.00
New block casting
new block cast in iron stronger than original block

Ausint Seven 7 new block casting   £1000.00
Iasa forged racing pistons
forged racing piston special crown design for hi compression


Fletcher-Jones Cast Ausitn Seven 7 Piston Set    
    Part Number Price
Head gasket
payen copper head gasket

Austin Seven 7 head Gasket AF020 £22.00
Race head gasket
Solid copper head gasket essential on supercharged engines

Solid copper Austin Seven 7 race head Gasket FA1 £130.00
Exhaust manifold gasket
Exhaust manifold gasket for our engines

Austin Seven 7 exhaust manifold Gasket EXG £5.00