Part Number Price
Road Cam (exchange)
High lift modest duration 1000-6000 RPM.
This is a good allrounder with nice spread of torque.
Can be used with standard radius or race followers please phone for advice. 

Austin Seven 7 Road Cam PSC1 £100.00 +VAT
Trials cam (exchange)
High lift with low duration 600-5500. 
This cam has special re-entrant flanks to achieve hi valve accelaration.
Use with re-ground standard radius cam folowers ONLY. 

Austin Seven 7 Trials Cam PSC2 £100.00 +VAT
Race cam (exchange)
Very high lift and duration ultimate race cam 3500-7500RPM.
51.5BHP @ 6600RPM tested in pigsty full race engine
1 1/2" SU and our steel inlet manifold. Tested on our Froude EC26 engine dyno

Austin Seven 7 Race Cam PSC3 £100.00 +VAT

Race Supercharged Cam (exchange)
This cam has been developed on our Dyno to get the best out of supercharged Austin Seven race engines. We have found that it is worth a lot of power over other cams

Austin Seven 7 Billet Race Cam PSC4 £120.00 +VAT
Cam followers: standard, reconditioned (exchange)
cam followers reground to standard radius.

Austin Seven 7 cam followers PSCF1 £30.00 +VAT
Cam followers race (exchange)
Cam follower set reground to special radius (use with pigsty cams)
Austin Seven 7 cam followers - race PSCF2 £40.00 +VAT