Part Number Price[
Cast alloy sump
Alloy sump beneficial to race engines due to increased rigidity of crank case

Austin Seven 7 cast alloy sump ALR3 £70.00
Cast alloy head
cast alloy head ideal for supercharging Ricardo type 

Cast alloy ausint seven 7 cylinder head nippy type ALR4 £220.00
Long studs conversion
extra studs to hold block and head down supplied with fabricated fittings

11S £150.00
H section con rods
Saenz, Forged 4340, machined all over, heat treated and stress relieved. Supplied with ARP L19 bolts

RPH £800
Dry decking
Dry decking of block and head 

Ausint Seven engine dry decking PSDB £220.00
Ultra lite clutch assembly
Billet alloy clutch cover

Ultra lite Austin 7 Seven clutch assembly   £250.00
4 extra head studs for blown eng
This modification helps to prevent blown head gaskets

4 extra studs on Ausint Seven 7 engine   £200.00
Cylinder head alloy high compression
High compression machined chambers use with forged high compression pistons

High compression alloy Austin Seven 7 cylinder head   £380.00
New block casting
new block cast in iron stronger than original block

Ausint Seven 7 new block casting   £1000.00
Iasa forged racing pistons
forged racing piston special crown design for hi compression


Fletcher-Jones Cast Ausitn Seven 7 Piston Set