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This is a very nice little Austin Ulster using much of an original body (ex Stan Goldthorpe). Overall it is
an excellently done car to original specs axles, gearbox, wiring, instruments and seats etc.
All major parts are 1930 (and the car is accepted as a 1930 Ulster by the VSCC papers attesting to
Unfortunately it has a 1934 reg number but at least with four numerals. It was built 22 years ago
by Ken Sears chief chassis engineer at Lotus (long time A7 nut) who had collected parts over the
previous 20 years to that. It is very nicely put together.
This is not a lash up "Auction" special that you see so often but really indistinguishable from a
genuine car.
It drives very well and all the controls work properly.
Date on logbook? 08.09.34
Engine 98597 Chassis 116059
Body is genuine, rebuilt by Keith Roach. He put new sides on, and a steel floor.
The bulkhead is original. It has the correct prop shaft tunnel, covers, etc. and
the correct spare wheel compartment. The tail and scuttle are original. Aluminium
bonnet top and sides, steel lower panels from bulkhead to radiator are also original
Ash seat frame, pleated leather trim, as close to original as we could make them
( one-piece backrest with vertical bump in centre)
Front axle is bowed to the right shape and may be Genuine
Boxed radius arms, tied to the top of the axle to keep the castor angle when the brakes are applied.
Double front friction shock absorbers, short arms, double centre bracket.
Rear axle '31 type (extended forward ribbed diff case) with bolt on torque
tube. Ratio 5.25. Hookes joint Hardy Spicer prop shaft
Birkett style Cable brakes, Girling front backplates, with a fully compensated
system ( front to rear and side to side They are really effective.
Colvin Gunn reproduction steering box.
Has throttle and advance levers and horn push on top of column (all working)
Gearbox 3 speed C/R. Ball change top Ulster ratio gears by Barry Clarke with chamfered dogs for
fast engagement of top gear.
Rearward starter. Solid engine mounts
Splash lubricationb, bored out Austin pump, 1937 type head. Flattened tappets, large inlet valves.
Aluminium deep sump (believe genuine, no fins) Long oil pickup. Dante alum tappet cover. Standard
6 Volt electrics, VW coil. Electrics wired in repro period aluminium armoured
D/D SU carb on Nippy inlet manifold. repro Ulster exhaust ( manifold
fabricated from sheet, tapering branches). High level Brooklands silencer &
Mechanical tacho, speedo and Oil press gauges and original switch panel
Repro petrol tank on scuttle, with SU pump.
15” wheels,
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